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Share Your Life with Me! Please Donate one of Your Kidneys.

My name is Karen Surgeon. My passion is working with newborns, helping and uplifting others. I was diagnosed with kidney disease over 8 years ago. The kidneys does not repair itself and as a result it will to decline over time.

Here's my story! I was first diagnosed with Lupus 15 years ago. Shortly, after being placed on medications to control my lupus flares, my body started showing adverse reactions to the medications. The lupus attacked my kidneys and the medications made the situations more complexed. My lupus has been in remission for several years now but it didn't stop the decline in the function of my kidneys. This disease has caused severe weight loss, loss of appetite, fatigue, and interferes with my daily living.

Getting a transplant would be extremely meaningful to me. It would increase my quality of life. It would help me gain confidence in myself again. Be able to make plans with friends/family or even for my future. Eating something I love or enjoyed without restrictions. Be more involved in my community.

I am lookin for a LIVING donor that will help to increase my quality and life expectancy. Please, can you find it in your heart to donate one of your kidneys to me. If you are not able to can you share my story and ask a friend/family member to donate. You don't have to be a match, there are now programs that allows donors to swap.


Become Karen Surgeon's Donor

If you are considering being a living donor please use links below to contact Karen Surgeon's Transplant Center. Begin by completing the donor questionnaire

Yale New Haven Transplantation Center

333 Cedar Street, New Haven, CT, 06520

Did you know?

Medical expenses for living organ donors are 100% covered, and inquires from potential donors are 100% confidential! Contact the Transplant Center to learn more about living donation.

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