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I’m on 49 yrs. Old a transplant will give me a new look at life

Hello everyone first I wanna thank you for taking time to listen to my story.my name is Edward and I have end stage liver disease ,cirrhosis of the liver due to hepatitis for many years not knowing about it and not being treated for it.I use to work construction as a laborer for 20 + yrs.I have a loving fiancé of 5 years who lives in Canada which I see on a regular basis it’s hard having a long distance relationship but love will conquer all.I have never married no kids,I have two supportive siblings a sister who is tremendous in my journey to beat this and an awesome brother. My liver is struggling to work with many stays in the hospital I’m in need of a donor that’s why today I’m asking for your help . I wanna thank everyone who took time out of there day to read my brief story thank you edward

So I’ve been diagnosed with liver failure for a little over a year it has made my life different gotta watch what I eat I’m physically weaker many stays in the hospital I retain a lot of fluids which leads to a rod put in my belly ( not sedated)to get fluids out there’s never a week that goes by that there’s not a dr. Appointments or test being done blood work every week it really has taken a toll on me physically can’t do a lot of activities I use to enjoy because of being out of breath and weak.it’s been a big change physically and in your mind .especially when I first was diagnosed giving me a life expectancy really hit me hard btw I surpassed that date makes you wonder though.

A transplant to me would mean a new life I’m only 49 years old way to young to die many things I’m my life I still want to enjoy especially with my loving fiancé and siblings.I know my fiancé Natalie would be devastated if anything happened to me (true love)and that I hate thinking about.so a transplant for me would be me just starting to live my life to its fullest

So I’m asking if everyone can share my story and I’m looking for a living donor and those of you that are interested or wanna know more about the process I encourage you to do so saving a life is such a rewarding feeling and everything is confidential.so share my story the more people that see it and are informed the better for me and other people on the unos list(united network of organ sharing).thank to everyone!!!


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To my family and friends plz share and lets heLp my brother Edward get a living donor !!


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