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I want to feel the energy and health that will allow me to live my life fully with a spring in my step, deep breaths, and strength.

Hi Friends! My name is Charlie. I am 56 years old and have a beautiful wife who I’ve been married to for 22 years. We have a 17-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son, both now in high school. We round out our crazy fun family with a dog named Georgia.
If you’ve ever met me, you probably already know a lot about me. I love to talk! If not, here are a few fun facts. I was born in Washington, D.C. I am first-generation American. My parents came from Delia, a small town in Sicily where my older sister was born before they emigrated to the United States. I am a woodworker by trade. I started out making custom furniture, first as an apprentice and then learned my way up to being a master woodworker. When I was offered the opportunity to become the production center manager for a world-renowned art gallery in Washington, D.C., I jumped on the chance though I still like to make custom pieces for family and friends. It’s my creative outlet along with collecting vintage cars and motorcycles to work on.
Our kids have played sports since they were little. Our daughter has played lacrosse and volleyball for her high school team and is now trying out for track and our son plays high school lacrosse, soccer and football. He is currently on a travel lacrosse team which I’d love to get the energy and freedom to cheer for in person.
I love to travel to Canada to see my extended family. For a purely fun road trip, we like to hook up the camper and head to the beaches of New Hampshire for beautiful scenery and lobster. Lots of lobster. Then again, I am a Maryland boy at heart and if you offered me any dinner, I’d be most happy at a picnic table, dipping steamed Maryland crabs into butter and Old Bay, looking at the water, and laughing with family and friends.
Recently, I was asked something few people knew about me that I was proud of. I said that I’ve been the best man for four different friends. Mind boggling. I think they chose me because I am a good friend. I like to think I’m kind, loving and reliable. I’m loyal to the end and will always be there for you. Call me at 3 am if you need me.
Old school rock is my favorite. If you played a little Led Zeppelin, I would not complain at all. Fun fact: for our wedding song, we danced to Thank You, by Zeppelin... “when the mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me....”

I was diagnosed with kidney failure in December of 2020 and I have began dialysis in July of 2021 because my kidneys are no longer able to do their job. I am always tired and weak, have shallow breathing, itchy skin, severe cramps, nausea, and bloating from fluid retention that I currently experience. I have chosen Peritoneal Dialysis; which consists of a surgical port to be implanted in my abdomen. I am currently doing home dialysis treatment for 7 hours every day of the week. This is the best option available given my family and work responsibilities. Dialysis is physically exhausting and will limit my ability to participate in raising my children and put all the work on my wife. My diet is somewhat restricted to avoid those nutrients that tax my kidneys more than nourish me. My ability to work in the yard, do the woodworking that I love (and which provides for my family), and work with my cars and motorcycles (hobbies I thoroughly enjoy) are now almost nonexistent.

I want to feel the energy and health that will allow me to live my life fully with a spring in my step, deep breaths, and strength... things that kidney disease has taken from me.
I would love to chop firewood for our fireplace, run around weekends to my kids’ tournaments, and take care of all the stuff a husband and dad does day-to-day and also
I want to be able to work out at the gym again; something I have had to give up until I have a healthy kidney.
Living a full long life that will allow me to regain the strength, mobility and quality of life that kidney disease has taken from me. My dream is to be able to hop in the car to go to my kids’ games, have experiences with my family to make memories, and continue to care for my extended family throughout the United States and Canada without the worry that something will go wrong or that I won’t have the energy to participate.

A living donation provides many benefits including a longer life and better quality of life for the recipient. That many more years of family time, taking care of my kids and making good memories would be a gift that only a viable donor who confidentially can offer.
I appreciate your time and consideration of this very important matter. I know that kidney donation isn’t an option for everyone and that is fine! I do ask one thing of you after you read this letter; please share my story with anyone and everyone. Someone in your circle may be my perfect match! This is my best chance for finding a donor and your help sharing my story is greatly appreciated by me and my family.
Much Love,


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