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Sharing isn’t alway easy for me, but I am asking for help - help to share my story or to sign up as a donor

My name is Sam and I am searching for a new liver. I was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis when I was about 10. I graduated college early in fear my symptoms would progress too fast, I graduated college early, backpacked through Australia, and went to grad school. Balancing grad school and my dream internship became hard. Looking back I didn’t really know what hard was, hard is now. I work at my dream job, making a real difference in protecting and defending the United States, but that is all. My life revolves around work and coming home, and feeling miserable every step of the way.

I am married and have two cute dogs. I wish I would have more date nights, visit my family, take my dogs to the beach, but I never feel well enough. Even more simple as that - having dinner with my co-workers after work, run errands, clean the house (thoroughly) set me back.

Transplant means to live, not only for my life but to truly live. I am newly married and live day to day grasping to get by. I want to be able to do little things and have fun again. It’s a scary and nerve racking, but though this whole disease I finally have hope. Something I always tried to stay away from, from tests to new medications I was always let down. Now I have tangible hope that I will feel better.

Donating is a huge sacrifice, a selfless action that can change a life. Even sharing and posting about this disease and organ donation makes a difference. Nothing is too small. There is nothing I can say to make someone choose to donate, just know that I am loved, I love, I try my best everyday to help others and make a difference. Thank you for sharing and reading this.


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