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My name is Erika, I am 26 years old, and I am in stage 4 cirrhosis, commonly known as liver failure. In March of 2014, I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune liver disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). Because of the disease in my liver, I am part of a distinct group of people to have what is called "overlap syndrome," meaning I have Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Autoimmune Hepatitis as a result of the PSC. While over 75% of patients with PSC have Ulcerative Colitis, I am one of the very few to have Crohn's Disease making my illnesses generally more complicated and difficult to treat.

The first couple years of my diagnoses were filled with many hospital visits and flareups as we tried to get my Crohn's Disease under control. My PSC started off as the "quieter" of the two but has reared its ugly head in most recent years. In the past almost 10 years, I have been hospitalized 46 times, have had over 35 procedures to help clear the blockages in my bile ducts and manage my PSC; have had sepsis 12 times and gone into septic shock 5 of those times, had 5 PICC lines, tried and failed countless medications, and have been poked for bloodwork and IVs more times than I could have ever kept track of.

Through the many missed events, lost friendships, tears, road blocks to achieving my goals, failures, and days filled with pain and defeat, there have been just as many celebrations, successes, hugs, laughs, support, and opportunities for me to turn my pain into power. While a transplant is not a cure, it remains the only treatment option for liver failure and personally provides me the best chance of eventually gaining back my quality of life.

Unfortunately, being listed for transplant is challenging in terms of PSC. Even though I am officially on the transplant list, my chances of being called for a liver remain low due to how PSC is reflected in lab values compared to other notable liver diseases. This is where YOU can help! The success rates of living liver donation in PSC patients are extremely high and I am on the hunt to find my perfect match! I do not take how big of an ask this is lightly, but whether you are interested in getting tested to be my potential donor or you simply help to share my story, you are becoming part of the battle to help save my life. And for that, I am eternally grateful.


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Yale New Haven Transplantation Center

333 Cedar Street, New Haven, CT, 06520

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Medical expenses for living organ donors are 100% covered, and inquires from potential donors are 100% confidential! Contact the Transplant Center to learn more about living donation.

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