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What is a Champion?

A Champion is a family member, friend, or anyone that wants to help the patient find a living donor. Champions can have their own DONOR page, writing a story on the patient’s behalf to help share their need for a living donor. This can be a hard process for many and Champions can provide instrumental support on this journey.

How it Works

Why Champions Matter

Often it is easier to write about someone else than it is for someone to write about themselves. By having a Champion help write their own story on behalf of the patient, it can not only help remove some of the burden from the patient, but also significantly increase the number of people that see the patient’s need for a donor.

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Get Invited

Champions are friends or family of a Patient who want to act as an advocate and help spread their story to a wider social network, increasing the chances of finding a living donor for them. Champions must be invited by a Patient who is using DONOR.

Tell Your Story

When your Patient invites you to tell a story on their behalf on DONOR, you will receive a link to create your story. You can either record a video story, write it, and then add photos to really make it stand out. Once you've completed your story, your Patient will get notified and they can view and share it.


When you've completed your story, you can share directly from your Dashboard to your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, or you can send it to specific people using email, text message or a link.


We encourage Patients and Champions to update and re-share their story periodically to make sure friends and family are kept up to date on the Patient's journey, and to help ensure your story is reaching more people. The more a story is shared, the more likely a potential living donor will see it!

Find a Participating Transplant Center

There are currently over 200 transplant centers in our system, 19 of which are currently participating in DONOR. Visit our Transplant Center page to get contact information and find a DONOR-participating center near you.

Featured Champion Stories

Explore the stories written by other champions for patients using DONOR. You can click on each story to learn more about the Champion and their patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a donor to be a Champion?

No. As a Champion, you do not need to go through the donor evaluation process if you do not want to. Simply helping the patient share his or her story will help on the journey to finding a potential living donor.

How can I be a source of support?

Writing a story on the patient's behalf and sharing it to your social media networks is a great and important start. Encouraging others to share your story and the patient's story will also be very helpful.

Am I limited by social media?

No. From your story dashboard, you can find the story links that can be included in texts or emails. You can also spread awareness via letters, business cards, newsletters, etc.

Refer a Patient and Become their Champion

If you know a patient that may benefit from using DONOR or you would like to be a Champion for them, click the link below to send them an email with details about DONOR.

Refer a Patient

Give hope to others

Do you know someone else on the transplant waitlist? Share Donor with them and give them the opportunity to share their story.