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Jon Gadoua Needs A LIVING Kidney DONOR

Jon Gadoua has dedicated his life to teenagers as a coach, dorm parent, and physics teacher extraordinaire at our boarding school for over thirty five

Jon Gadoua has dedicated his life to teenagers as a coach, dorm parent, and physics teacher extraordinaire at our boarding school for over thirty five years.

I was privileged to coach basketball as Jon’s assistant for seven years on the thirds boys team, and I always marveled at his good humor and wholesome respect for our student athletes. Our team was composed of freshmen and sophomores, many of whom would never advance to higher level teams. While it would have been easy to take a laid back approach, Jon always pushed the boys to be competitive while at the same time insisting that everyone on the team got playing time in every game.

As a dorm parent, Jon served for many years as a sage adviser to fourth and fifth form (tenth and eleventh grade) boys in one of our largest dorms. In this role, Jon proved to be particularly skilled at helping students who were struggling with identity and sexuality issues: I firmly believe that he offered a lifeline to some of our of most vulnerable students.

Finally, Jon’s automobile vanity plate reads “Physics.” While my English teacher self cannot possibly appraise his performance in the classroom, I can attest to the fact that Jon has routinely taught some of the most rarified and challenging science classes that our school offers. Jon was equally capable of teaching our youngest students in our introductory physics classes. As a long time freshmen dean, I can attest to Jon’s reputation as teacher who could explain scientific concepts with clarity and who devoted considerable time outside of class to extra help when students struggled. Excellent science teachers are rare birds, and Jon’s stature makes him a prize faculty member.

As of now, Jon is in dire need of a kidney transplant. I know how he is struggling to continue to perform at the high level that he has set for himself as he deals with his medical issues. I pray that someone will be able to help him out.

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It has been very difficult for Jon to keep up with his myriad teaching responsibilities. As a single person who does not have any family nearby, he is left to struggle alone with his condition. Doing dialysis on his own is taxing.

I know that he would love to get back to his normal full-time professional routines.

I intend to!


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