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Marvin Kimbrough Needs A LIVING Kidney DONOR

A new kidney can save my husband's life: our story ...

My name is Mary Kimbrough. I have been married to Marvin for 41 years and we have one son. Marvin was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) in 2014 which resulted in cancer in both kidneys. Both of his kidneys were removed in July 2019 and he has been on dialysis 3 times a week since that time. He was forced to retire because of this disease.

Marvin is very outgoing and enjoys people. He worked for over 40 years as a physical therapist, including 17 years providing care in patient homes. This home health portion of his career gave me a view of his work and what it meant to the patients and their families because they called our home routinely to ask for advice and to report progress, and they told me! Today, Marvin is the patient and he needs a kidney to gain a better quality of life. Much of our life now is spent preparing for the dialysis cycle. On his dialysis days he is usually weak and tired from the 4-hour treatment and he spends much of the day recovering. He is not one who likes sitting around the house so he pushes himself to try get out as often as he can, especially on non-dialysis days. He enjoys travel, photography, bowling and being outdoors which are now largely on hold as we await a kidney. A new kidney will enable him to enjoy life and to do some of the things we have dreamed of doing in retirement.

God has used Marvin in an amazing way for over 40 years to re-build and strengthen others and I know he will look for opportunities to continue to work with others, especially seniors, to bring them hope as a retired health care professional. A kidney will give Marvin a chance for true rest and recreation and the opportunity to enjoy family and friends. He is now experiencing increased fatigue even on the non-dialysis days. I am looking forward to our being able to enjoy life as a retired couple and to helping others who are going through similar struggles.

Thank you for listening to our story and please pray for us as we await a kidney for Marvin which can happen if you share our story. If you want to consider donating a kidney or have any questions, please contact the Johns Hopkins Kidney Transplant Center at


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