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My Body is Weak but my Faith is stronger. To my Future Donor: Thank you in advance for giving A PART of you to save ALL of me!

Hi All, My name is Kiyana Porter but you can call me Yana. My family and friends are my voices of reason, confidants and prayer warriors on this journey, especially my only son Taj, he's my top encourager. They're all on this kidney journey with me which began in 2017. Emotions were everywhere, I was mad, angry, confused and uneducated on dialysis or ESRD(end stage renal disease) It happened suddenly and unexpectedly and life changed in minutes.

I'm an extrovert, a Leo lol, loved traveling, vacationing, water/beaches, fun activities, spending time with fam & friends and now I have life restrictions! I now live on a dialysis schedule. I could no longer do the things I want to do or when. Dialysis is 3x/wk for 3 1/2 hrs. I cried every treatment when I started, I was hurt from the pain of the needles but my feelings were also hurt because I felt I didn't deserve this, I'm a good person, etc. I did what most do when we become sick, rack your brain thinking of how it happened or blaming myself.. all along the doctors didn't even have answers to my kidney failure which added to the anxiety. My son was only 12 when I was diagnosed which caused me to not be as active in his life as previous years. I missed some school activities, travel sports games but overall Mommy time. He's seen me battle through sick nights, hospital stays and pain but he also sees me never give up. Since kidney failure, although having a positive attitude and daily prayers, my health is declining and I now have more medical issues that caused me to stop working in 2022 ,so it was a pretty rough time. My rejection was in 2022 also having to leave the six-figure job I loved due to medical reasons but I keep pushing forward.

My 1st transplant was from a deceased donor and even studies show and I believe with Living Donation I would have a successful lasting transplant giving me the Quality of Life I'm deserving of. Yes, I deserve to live, I know it. God knows it. I deserve to see my son grow and I want to enjoy the things life has to offer. I consider myself educationally equipped and years of corporate work experience to start my own business. I want to do it all lol. I can tell you 5 business I'd love to start now and they'd do well. But you don't realize how much disabilities play in the role of success and opportunities. Its limited. Living on a fixed income isn't an easy task so a Plan B or C is a must. But again, Ima keep pushing through obstacles. My vision of entrepreneurship and helping others has been in motion but never came to fruition. Needing an organ to live kinda speeds up the vision and future you look forward to. I want to bring my son onboard with the family business, watch it and him grow and create generational wealth. Many people call me resilient, many say this journey was designed for me because they wouldn't be able to make it. I'm patiently waiting with a positive attitude and prayed up but everyday my body reminds me we need a new kid (kidney) lol. This journey is far from funny but I try to laugh through the pain. I often say I miss the old me but I'm excited for a new me and with Living Donation, I'll get another chance to try again.

My Body is Weak but my Faith is Stronger! I know that special person is out there to help give me Quality of Life again. Organ Donors have hearts of gold. Quality of Life and Love is priceless and Living Donation can guide that. If you knew my entire story and personally met me, You'd say "Yeah, I'ma give her my kidney" lol.
To My Future Living Donor: My blessing in disguise! I can't Thank You enough! You gave a part of you to save all of me! Thank you for the life of co-parenting.. Love Yana


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