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My life was dedicated to children and volunteering for the less fortunate in my community. Now, I hope that someone gives me the gift of life.

Hi, My name is Edith Sievers. I am an Early Childhood Educator and also an artist / a painter and sculptor. I have been featured in many art shows and exhibits. A Sabra who served in the IDF, over the years lived in many countries as an U.S. Foreign Service spouse.
I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease in 2016 and slowly it has changed my life.

Those who know me will attest to the fact that I am energetic and a hard worker. As I am now at End Stage Renal Disease and on dialysis, my doctors hope that I get a Kidney transplant while my body is strong enough to undergo the surgery.

A transplant will change my life. I won't be connected to a machine 3 times a week and will be able to continue to work and create. I will regain my livelihood.

I have been on a transplant list at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore for over 2 years. However, unless I find a living donor, wait time is 5-8 years and growing longer. Unfortunately many on the list die while waiting for a transplant and therefore I am putting out a plea for this urgent need. It is important to know that most donor surgeries are done laparoscopically and all expenses are paid for by the recipient's Health Insurance including lost wages.
If you want to learn more about kidney transplant see Dr. Dori Segev's presentation: Living Kidney Donor Surgery. Q & A
Asking someone to give a part of their body so that I could live is very difficult, but I am still optimistic that my angel is reading this and will give me another chance to enjoy life, be here for my children and grandchildren and continue to create.
Please call Johns Hopkins on my behalf at: 410-614-9345
Thanks for reading. Please feel free to FW this message.


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Johns Hopkins Hospital

1800 Orleans St, Baltimore, MD, 21287

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Medical expenses for living organ donors are 100% covered, and inquires from potential donors are 100% confidential! Contact the Transplant Center to learn more about living donation.

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Edith shares her tremendous artistic talent at school, especially her love of working with clay,