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I hope that my story may inspire someone to be that Samaritan that will help someone.

My name is Daryl Stevens, I am 68 years young, I hope to stay that way. I am currently married going on twenty years to a wife that's been on my side through this journey who I love very much. I have grown daughters that are successful, loving, and good people that I'm very proud of. I have two grandchildren, a boy (2), a girl (8 months), who bring me happiness and joy.
My first wife, the mother of one daughter, died of liver failure. Her health was failing and she endured long suffering. She didn't have adequate healthcare and suffered because of it. My daughter was her caregiver to the end. My daughter has hopes of me doing better because of my long standing relationship with Johns Hopkins and the quality healthcare that has been provided.

I was diagnosed with HEP C in 1990 when giving a blood donation through my union. The Red Cross contacted me and advised me to see my doctor. In 1994 I had an acute hepatitis event and I spent four days in the ICU. I had low RBC, fatigue, and jaundiced. I couldn't work for more than a month. Simple activities were difficult. I tried the ribovarin treatment and I couldn't tolerate it. Over time, I got better by staying active, and eating healthy.
In 2008 I left Kaiser and began working with doctors at Johns Hopkins. In 2012, I was treated with a combination treatment for the HEP C and was cured with no signs of the virus in my body. Since then I've had an active lifestyle. Until recently I was playing pickup basketball with the same friends for the past 15 years. I golf and I'm still working.
During a bi-annual Ultra Sound and MRI in August, two small cancer lesions were found in my liver. Because they are small and detected early, it has made me feel I can have a promising outcome. I had the TACE procedure this week. I've taken time off and I'm continuing to recover. I have a great prayer circle, committed friends and family who are helping with my recovery. I miss being active.

A transplant would give me a new lease on life and no cancer in my body. At this time it's contained in my liver and hasn't been detected elsewhere in my body. I pray to continue to have a healthy and productive life, and watch my grand kids grow and develop. I will be forever grateful for the gift of a healthy organ transplant.

Please feel free to share my story about living with liver disease. At this time a living donor would help me immensely by circumventing the spread of cancer in my body. I am asking that you might speak with others about a live liver donation for those living with liver disease.


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