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This is Nisha Gupta. I have been working in healthcare for more then fifteen years. I was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy in 2005 and my kidney numbers have been going down since then. This has not stopped me from pursuing my passions, studying to be a cardiology nurse practitioner or being a caring mother or supporting wife. I was put on Johns Hopkins transplant waiting list about two years back. I am in need of kidney transplant which can give me a new lease of life. I am appealing here for gift of life. If you are one of those giving souls or if you know of a situation where a kidney is available, please consider me as the recipient. There are thousands of people who are waiting for kidney transplant, you may be the one to start chain donation that can save tens of lives!

I have been on kidney transplant list for about two years. I take regular medication, appropriate food choices to prolong my kidney life.

From my daughter...

My mom always wanted more than one child, because she is a person filled with overflowing love and care; it demands to be given to others. She was unable to fulfill this desire because of the state of her kidney. A large, noisy family is only one of the many dreams stolen from her by IgA nephropathy.
Despite everything this illness has taken from her, however, it has also illuminated her ability to overcome any possible hardships or obstacles as a mother, caregiver, and community member. It has only spurred her to make everyone around her, including me, feel taken care of and protected. I feel like the luckiest daughter in the world to have her and the myriad of ways she shows her love: always asking me what I want to eat so she can prepare it, sending me good morning texts every day, and giving the warmest and most comforting hugs.
My entire life, I’ve been awed by how hardworking my mom is, even when she has entire weeks when her illness causes her constant pain and exhaustion. She immigrated to an unfamiliar country with a one-year-old child, spent nearly a decade in college transitioning from a teacher to a nurse to a nurse practitioner, constantly thriving in occupations devoted to helping other people. She worked the night shift throughout my childhood so that I wouldn’t be alone during the day, and she always smiles when she thinks about the ways she can use her medical knowledge to do everything from helping family members with minor aches to saving patients’ lives. My mom raised a family, ran a home, and studied non-stop while tackling this disease at a time when I didn’t even understand how much she was suffering and the immense struggle she was going through, taking her sacrifices for granted. All of this she did while dealing with the immense obstacles of being an immigrant with no support network or extended family to fall back on. I can only imagine the new peaks of energy and motivation she will gain if she gets the blessing of a kidney donor.
My mom has devoted her entire life to taking care of other people. She still calls her elderly parents twice a day and frets over their health. She is always giving advice to me or my dad, and helping out when even distant family friends are feeling sick. She’s spent years as a teacher, nurse, and volunteer. She’s a constant people person, great at putting others at ease, and always has something to offer in a conversation. In fact, she only needs help with her own care because she’s so busy helping other people that she sometimes forgets herself.
She has so much of her life left and it’s reflected in her utmost devotion to her goals, despite the state of her sickness. This is the motivation that’s defined her ability to switch careers and the same motivation she has to one day fulfilling her personal dream: becoming a doctor. This has been her lifelong dream, stymied by a myriad of life events, but one that she has never given up on. It is her fascination with the human body, her desire to help the people and patients around her to the best of her ability, and her innocent desire to work toward her dream that inspire me every day. Most importantly, though she has required a lot of care from her family, she has never stopped imparting the same or a greater level of care to my father and me. I would not have made it through college without her constant bolstering support behind me.
I would give my own kidney to my mother in a second, but my father and I have been ruled out as prospective donors because of medical reasons. However, I have hope that there are people in the world with immeasurably bright souls and unimaginable selflessness who will go out of their way to save lives in the most direct and literal way possible by donating organs. My mother sees these miracles every day at her job, and her experiences with good Samaritans who go through with altruistic organ donation give her hope and help her get through the day. I am endlessly grateful to those willing to perform the closest human beings get to performing miracles.
At the end of the day, I chose to write her bio because I need her to get a kidney less for herself and more for me; I need more time with her in my life because she’s such a unique and wonderful person and one of the best mothers out there, as well as one of my closest friends. Please, if you are able, come forward and extend my mother’s life by decades by gifting a kidney. My family and I will be in your debt for the rest of our lifetimes.

- Harshita Gupta

Majority of us are healthy and can donate a kidney that can save a life. My kidney situation is not because of my life style or any bad choices and science has not able to determine the cause. Many of us may get the opportunity through our social networking where somebody we know is bold and kind to come forward. There are many resources available to provide more information on organ donation. When someone gets evaluated for organ donation, their safety, confidentiality and well-being is of foremost importance during that process. I want to appeal all the kind and generous souls, to come forward for organ donation save lives.


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