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Tijuana Tetter Needs A LIVING Kidney DONOR

Matthew 7:7-8 "Ask..". So I am asking

Tijuana is my older sister. She has been my friend from the beginning. She is my confidante and my voice of reasoning. Without her I probably would have flew of the handle a thousand times. I admire her calmness. I admire that she is always willing to step in and help no matter what she is going through.

Even though she never shows it, I know the kidney failure has slowed her life down. She loves to travel and because she has 12 hours of dialysis her days are literally halted and limited. If you thing about it, out of 365 days she only has 182 days for activities! She misses out on the water activities she loves.

A transplant for Tijuana would mean life again! It would mean returning to the excellent Aunt she is. It would mean I would have my road dog again! It would mean she could visit her son more often without all the preparation needed now. It would mean laughter and relief again.

If I could I would give her mine, but unfortunately I am unable. I encourage and ask anyone to consider donating a kidney. Let the joy outweigh the fear of being a donor. Because really, you're continuing your life while saving another. How joyous is that! Please be a part of fulfilling my sister's life.


Become Tijuana Tetter's Donor

If you are considering being a living donor please use links below to contact Tijuana Tetter's Transplant Center. Begin by completing the donor questionnaire

University of Alabama at Birmingham

619 South 20th Street, Birmingham, AL, 35233

Did you know?

Medical expenses for living organ donors are 100% covered, and inquires from potential donors are 100% confidential! Contact the Transplant Center to learn more about living donation.

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