Bob " Bobby Lewis" Morris


I beat the odds once with a liver transplant. Now I need a kidney to beat the odds again!

My name is Bobby. I am in sales and a local musician in the DC area performing 50 shows a year with my band The Bobby Lewis Blues Band. I had the flu in 2018 and just couldn't shake it. My wife insisted we go to the hospital where I was told my liver was failing and I had 3 days to live. I was sent home on hospice and even received last rights. Being stubborn I didn't go along with the plan. My amazing wife took me back to the hospital. They initially refused to take me in. Thankfully, another doctor DID admit me. She also called John's Hopkins and I was transferred there where I received a liver transplant on March 22, 2018. If it wasn't for my wife and the grace of God I wouldn't have survived.

For 3 years my liver transplant went perfectly! No issues at all. Even with my suppressed immune system I was able to function without issue through Covid. From out of nowhere I contracted FSGS, a rare autoimmune kidney disease in early July 2021. I have been on dialysis since then. In my job I traveled 150-200 days a year which I can no longer do. Fortunately they have allowed me to continue working on other tasks and have been supportive.

A transplant would allow me to "get my life back" so that I can work and support my family. Dialysis 3 days a week basically controls your life and is incredibly restrictive. My daughter is getting married in June and I would love to see my grandchildren one day. Without a transplant the chances of that happening are dramatically reduced. I feel I still have a lot to give in this life if given the chance.

I cannot stress the urgency of getting a transplant. My insurance coverage will reduce drastically once my wife retires in one year. I have always done what I can to help others ( my band performs dozens of benefits a year) it is very strange and uncomfortable for me to be the one needing help. It's not something I am used to, but be that as it may, I really need help now.


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