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Hello all, my name is George Sullivan. I currently work at the facilities department at Drexel University. I have a daughter and a granddaughter, whom I love very much! I am currently in kidney failure and finding a donor has proved to be a challenge, as my entire immediate family has passed away. My mother had breast cancer, my father had lung cancer, my sister had down syndrome, and my brother had epilepsy. I have adopted some lifestyle changes, including following a renal diet (basically everything that you want to eat, you can’t!). I am also now on dialysis, which I have been on since March 5, 2014. My current treatments are four hours long and three times a week. This treatment drains me physically, and I require a lot of time to rest afterwards, which has prevented me from being able to complete my work to the best of my abilities.

Although I would never want anyone to experience dialysis, dialysis has brought so many wonderful people into my life. I have met many individuals from different walks of life: varying racial and ethnic backgrounds, different occupations, etc; even though we have those slight differences, dialysis has bonded us, as we realize we are all in the same boat, trying to live our lives the best way we can despite our diagnosis. As the days, which have turned into months, have gone by, dialysis has worn down my body. But under all of that stress and sadness, I have pushed and fought to stay alive to hopefully find a living donor. I pray one day that someone will come forward for me and be a match.

If I am able to receive a match, I am most excited just to start living a normal, happy life. I would love to be able to walk, run, ride my e-bike, and eat those foods I have been missing out on! A life without 15 gauge needles, without waking at 4:30 AM in order to get to the dialysis center at 5:30 three times a week, and being able to play with my granddaughter is something I look forward to greatly. I thank the Lord that I have been given this opportunity to share my story and find a kidney donor to give me a second shot at life. I just want to get back to living my life and being with my family. Amen.

Every call is greatly appreciated; you can provide them with my name (George Sullivan) and birthday (June 30th, 1965). Thank you in advance, God bless!


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Johns Hopkins Hospital

1800 Orleans St, Baltimore, MD, 21287

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