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I have so much more of my life to live, for my children, grandchildren and myself.

Hello. I am a 72 year old widowed grandfather of two, living in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. I moved to Sandy Hook a few years ago, when my wife’s illness (ALS) made it difficult for her to go up and down the stairs in our family home of 44 years. Once we moved to Sandy Hook, my life changed dramatically as my focus became being her primary caregiver for her last two year of life. Everything was centered around her, as it should be, but my health took a toll due to the physical and mental stress of caring for someone who couldn’t walk, talk or eat.

It took over a year and a half to truly understand the depth of my own illness. I was feeling weak and tired all of the time, and felt pain if I walked more than a short distance. My son and daughter and their families were quite worried about me and my own care, which added an additional layer of stress since they just lost their mom. Doctors kept referring me to other specialists, and after my mounting frustration and many many blood tests, it was finally confirmed that I had failing kidneys.

I am now in stage 5 renal failure and my need for a kidney is immediate and imperative, not only to my life, but also for my children and grandchildren. Everyone in my immediate family has been tested in hopes of being able to donate a kidney, but unfortunately, they do not quality.

Since I was not able to travel for so many years while caring for my wife, and now travel is very limited due to my start of dialysis, I dream of being able to simply hop on a plane and travel. I am blessed that my granddaughter (now 10) lives in a neighboring town and I get to see her often. We love to play and do art together. My grandson just turned 2 and lives in Colorado. It pains me that he never got to meet his grandmother, so I need to make it mission that he gets to know me.

Thank you for reading my story and considering kidney donation. My family and I would be truly grateful for your help. If you are interested in learning more about being a donor, please contact me through this app. If you aren't, no problem... we appreciate your help by simply sharing my story.


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