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Bruce Clark Needs A LIVING Kidney DONOR

My father Bruce Clark is a wonderful, caring and generous person. He has spent his life standing up for what is right and fighting to make things better for others.

His kidneys failed over 30 years ago at this point. He continued to work for the postal service for many years while going through transplants or being on dialysis until he was able to retire a couple years ago. Recently, after being hospitalized with COVID-19, he found out that his kidneys are failing again and he is now tied to a dialysis schedule.

A kidney transplant for my father would give him the freedom to be able to enjoy his retirement with his fantastic husband Rich. It would allow him to travel and live freely without planning it around a dialysis schedule so he can enjoy being a father, grandfather, husband, and friend.

The only option Bruce has for a transplant at this point is to receive one from a living donor. He has committed his life to protecting the vulnerable and helping those in need and now needs the help of others.

I have already gone through the screening process and unfortunately found out that I am not a match. Because of this I am encouraging people to please reach out to the transplant center if you would consider being a donor. The process was very easy and is completely confidential. Going through the screening process also does not mean you are committed to donating.

Helping in any way would mean the world to him and our family. Even If you are unable to donate sharing his story helps to spread the word. The more people that hear about his situation the better the chances are that he could receive the transplant that changes his life.


Become Bruce Clark's Donor

If you are considering being a living donor please use links below to contact Bruce Clark's Transplant Center. Begin by completing the donor questionnaire

Yale New Haven Transplantation Center

333 Cedar Street, New Haven, CT, 06520

Did you know?

Medical expenses for living organ donors are 100% covered, and inquires from potential donors are 100% confidential! Contact the Transplant Center to learn more about living donation.

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