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Linda Riso Needs A LIVING Liver DONOR

Linda and her tenacious personality have allowed her to be succesful despite adversity, and to be a fighter, despite how sick she feels.

When I think of my aunt linda, one of the first words that comes to mind is "tenacious". No matter the situation or the amount of adversity, she always puts her head to work and finds a solution. I have always really looked up to her, in that she can seem to learn how to do anything. She is never afraid to do the research and teach herself, no holding back, no reservation. I think that is why she succeeds and excells at anything she does, never taking no for an answer. And of course the fact that her brain just seems to work faster than most!, haha, we always laugh within my family as she always beats you to the answer, always!. With her current situation, being something out of her control, I can only hope that another great mind (or heart) will come up with the answer 1st this time.

My aunt has missed out on a lot that she enjoys since being sick, the top of her list including spending time with her family and pets and 3rd in line being her work. My aunt has always had dogs which are like her children, but right before she got sick, linda and her husband added donkeys to the heard. She really has a love for the donkeys, but has to admire them from afar, becuase her doctors say she can not risk being kicked by accident. Linda also has really enjoyed working, which she has continued to do but has been forced to work remotely as well as give up many of her duties to others, which i know has been very hard for her.

It would give her a second chance to be able to enjoy life again, spend time with her loving family (humans and pets), and realize the plan that linda and her husband have to be able to start a program their donkeys and special needs children.

I really hope that she will be able to find a suitable donor!


Become Linda Riso's Donor

If you are considering being a living donor please use links below to contact Linda Riso's Transplant Center. Begin by completing the donor questionnaire

Yale New Haven Transplantation Center

333 Cedar Street, New Haven, CT, 06520

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Medical expenses for living organ donors are 100% covered, and inquires from potential donors are 100% confidential! Contact the Transplant Center to learn more about living donation.

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